Boating Safety



OBJECTIVE: To create an environment of safe and courteous use of the lake that will ensure maximum enjoyment of the lake for all, boaters and non boaters. All persons using the lake are asked to be respectful of the rights of others and adhere to common sense rules of courtesy when on or near the lake.


� Watercraft should not be operated in a reckless or negligent manner or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

� Boats should not be operated at speeds in excess of 40 mph and common sense rules of etiquette should be applied at any speed.

� NY State law prohibits speeds in excess of 5 mph within 100 feet of swimming and docking areas and within 100 feet of any shoreline.

� Swim floats and moorings must be kept within 50 feet of shore.

� Skiers should not be launched from, nor be returned to, any beach, raft or docking area.

� Any activity requiring the use of motor boats at high speeds, including skiing and tubing should be limited to periods after 8 a.m. and before 7 p.m.

� Motorized boat users are asked to always be conscious of damage that may be caused by their wake either to shoreline or other boaters.

� Clearance between watercraft, people, docks and moorings should be maintained at a minimum of 100 feet or more.

� Non motorized boats have the right of way at all times, but all boaters should be aware of other boats and the paths they may take; always try to avoid an unsafe condition.

� From sunset until sunrise watercraft must use running lights, lanterns or flashlights.

� "Cover boats" should accompany all persons swimming more than 100 feet from shore.

� Scuba divers should dive only with a partner and marker buoy.

� Rules of etiquette for slalom course usage as practiced by the USA Water Ski Association require that skiers approaching a slalom course wait outside the course, at minimum wake, until those using the course have indicated that they are leaving the course.

� Boats and trailers used in other lakes shall be thoroughly cleaned (propellers, bottoms, bait wells, etc.) before launching into the lake to avoid transference of harmful plants and marine life into the lake.

� Never release plants, fish or animals into Friends Lake unless they came out of that lake.

� Do not feed ducks. Ducks cause swimmers itch.

� NY State law requires that life jackets must be on board for each occupant of any watercraft regardless of age of occupant and that children under age 12 must wear a life jacket when on board.

� NY State Law requires that a boat towing a water skier, surfboard, tube or any device must have a spotter at least age 10 aboard in addition to the driver.

� Boat drivers under age 18 are required by law to have completed a boating safety course and obtained a State Certificate. (Boating Safety Course).

� Dumping of any waste, litter, garbage, fuel, oil or sewage into any lake is unlawful.

We ask that all residents, guests and renters adhere to the above guidelines and rules to create an atmosphere of safe and friendly usage of the lake for all concerned.

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