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The Board takes the responsibility of preserving the quality of life for our Association Members at the Lake and in the surrounding community very seriously.  Our responibility is to keep you, our members, informed of the issues facing our lake community.  Our goal is to preserve the treasure we have today and plan for future generations.

Please visit the different Lake Issues pages.  They are packed wih great information on how to preserve our lake and what we as a Board are doing about it.

We highly recommend that our members also join the Sebec Lake Association. ( The focus of the Association is to preserve the quality of Sebec Lake, and to keep an eye out for any invasive species of fish or plant life. On the Sebec Lake Association website you will find information that includes the history of the area, geographic information, water quality testing results, water clarity and level data, as well as information on the dam, its agreement with the state, information on invasive plants and a map of the watershed area.

If you have any comments or suggestions please email us or participate in the discussion forums to help raise awareness.

Thank you!


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Great Video on how to clean your boat free of Milfoil.

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