Sebec Lake Association, The

Sebec Lake Association Mission
To Preserve and Protect

      The Sebec Lake Association is an incorporated organization of property owners and friends of Sebec Lake, founded in 1971. Since then, the Association has acted to protect and preserve Sebec Lake.

These efforts may be addressed by persons responsible for the following areas:

1. Water Quality: The Association has equipment for sampling and analysis. A sustained monitoring program of clarity and annual water testing for phosphorous is well established.

2. Water Level: When the outlet to Sebec Lake was developed for hydro-electric power, the Association reached an agreement with the developer and various government and regulatory agencies, insuring a stable water level during summer months, with allowances for weather conditions. The Association continues to work with the Dam owner (now Ampersand), the local dam operators, Maine's Department of Environmental Protection, Maine's Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the US Fish and Wildlife Service to determine optimum water levels during the year.

3. Promotion, Membership and Publicity: Through our website ( and annual newsletters sent to all property owners and members, the Association keeps property owners informed as to their responsibilities in protection and preservation as well as encouraging membership in the Association. The annual meeting is in July or August and is announced on the website and publicized in the Piscataquis Observer.

4. Protection of Watershed: The Association was successful in removing the watershed from spruce budworm spraying in the early 1980s. There needs to be continued vigilance directed toward monitoring activities in the watershed.

5. Environmental Issues: The website and newsletter are a means of sharing information with property owners. Articles on invasive plant species and invasive fish species, the need for shoreline vegetation, how to limit phosphorous getting into the lake are all topics that have been addressed to help property owners "Preserve and Protect" Sebec Lake.

6. Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Liaison: Tim Obrey, regional fish biologist for the area is a resource and willing to answer questions related to the Lake.

7. Social Activities: Social activities will be planned as time permits. These may be coordinated with other local area groups. 

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